Realm AI is your 24/7 social assistant, enhancing your online interactions with creativity and authenticity. Our mission is to empower creative, playful, and meaningful communication for everyone.

Create fun personal content


Dive into a world where you can be anyone, anywhere, at any time. Capture moments no camera can with Realm, from starring in your own Harry Potter scene to trying out a new hairstyle, or even transforming into a work of art like a Picasso painting.

Remix and connect


Bring your words and others’ creations to life with a variety of AI models. Explore new interactions and connections both within Realm and across your favorite social platforms with our versatile browser extensions.

Connect through creativity


Realm isn't just a platform; it's a community pulsing with creativity. Stay on the cutting edge of AI trends, discover fresh styles and ideas, and better connect with others by engaging with their visual stories or enhancing your social media presence with Realm extensions.

endless possibilities. endless creations.

Smart writing environment

Power your prompt writing with features like term search, prompt discovery, and stunning templates.

Create for you
and friends

Create photos and videos for you and your friends. Rejuvenate the fun and whimsy of creating and sharing.

Remix any prompt

Recreate on top of any user's generation instantly with the Remix button!

Daily AI-generated stories

Share your status updates in new ways. It's about creativity, free of judgements.

Access multiple AI models

A lot of AI models for you to combine to create your own dream. Infinite possibilities.

Advanced privacy

Train your AI model in peace with our strong data protection measures and advanced privacy features.

if you can dream it, you can create it.

"I'm absolutely head over heels for Realm - it's hands down the best app out there, no joke. The fact that it's so user-friendly and that the AI generation is practically magical just makes me love it even more.

I'm seriously addicted to this app - I can't stop opening it up every chance I get! If you're not already using Realm, what are you waiting for?! Trust me, you won't regret giving it a try."

Realm, AI art, text-to-image
Zee, community manager & content creator

“In past months, I’ve always concluded that all Al-art generators have similar features...until I stumbled across Realm with its features. My favorite so far is REMIX - a feature that allows you to create art based on another artist's work. Realm has changed the mindset I had years back with its extensive customization options and high quality output. It's a powerful tool for artists and creatives looking to push the boundaries of their creativity. I would recommend Realm to anyone interested in exploring the possibilities of Al-generated art!"

Realm, AI art app, text-to-image generation
Raphael, AI art enthusiast

"I have so much fun using Realm!  I have never been a great artist, but with this I can make all of my ideas a reality with the magic of AI!  Plus, the social media component of Realm makes it so much more fun because I can share my creations with other users who enjoy AI art as much as I do!"

Paul's Avatar
Paul, AI artist