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1. Upload your photos
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How to use AI models on your phone

In addition to training your personal AI model, you may also access a variety of other powerful text-to-image models, including StableDiffusion, Deliberate, Protogen, ElimisAnimeDiffusion, Portraits+, OpenJourney, DreamShaper, RealisticVision, ReV Animated, RPG, Cetus-Mix Coda Edition, Meina, RealisticVision, NeverEnding Dream, and so many more.

Our team adds new models all the time—your potential is unlimited in the Realm app! Our free AI avatar generator app is easy to use and updated with the best models—including your very own AI model!

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If you can dream it, you can generate it with Realm. Train your own AI model today—right from your phone.

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Do you need to update your resume or professional social media profile?

Use AI to fix your outfit, update your hairstyle, change your headshot background, adjust the lighting, or even change your pose and expression! Impress recruiters with a unique and professional photo that highlights your personality.

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Add yourself to your favorite fictional world

Do you ever dream of being a wizard, demigod, or other character from your favorite fantasy book or movie series? Do you want to see what your life would look like in another world?

Our free AI avatar generator can help! Just add any movie or book title to your prompt and see yourself in your favorite fictional world.

The Realm app helps you generate AI avatars from Harry Potter, the Hobbit, Percy Jackson, and millions of other beloved fictional worlds.

Turn your favorite photos into art

Do you have a favorite picture of your pet? Do you want to turn a group selfie into a beautiful portrait to share online or keep in your home?

Our free AI avatar generator can help you render your photo in unlimited styles. Just upload your photo into the Realm app and choose from styles like “neon art,” “Monet,” and so many more.

Our AI model will replicate whatever style you tell it to— get started with prompting today!