Art & Algorithms Exhibit

Join us for the first-ever in-person AI art exhibit to take place during the 2023 Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts!

Exhibition Overview

Attention art and tech enthusiasts. Mark your calendars for the week of July 6-16, when the “Art & Algorithms” exhibition will be making its debut at the Happy Valley Launchbox during ArtsFest.

Hosted by Launchbox with support from the Nittany AI Alliance and Realm, the exhibit is an incredible opportunity to engage with the future of art and technology.

Step into a world of cutting-edge creativity and explore the fascinating works of artists who use algorithms and artificial intelligence to push the boundaries of digital art. There is a lot of debate as to what is considered ‘art’ and the role that algorithms play in the creative process. This interactive exhibit features immersive installations, digital art displays, and the latest technology that allows visitors to create their own AI-generated art.

Throughout the week, a series of speaker discussions and workshops will accompany the exhibit and allow you to learn from digital art experts and entrepreneurs. Discover the latest trends and techniques in digital art, gain insights into their creative process, and explore the potential for entrepreneurship in this exciting field.

Gallery Hours:
July 6th: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
July 10th-16th: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

rsvp for the reception!

The Line-up

Featured Artist: Mark Burchick (

Dragoș Bădiță (
Alanna Wilcox (
juujuumama (
Proxima Centauri B (
Nuclear Samurai (
Amli (
Tomeo (
Babe Elliott Baker (
Dreaming Tulpa (
...and so many others!