April 5, 2023

10 Iconic Movies to Generate Yourself In

Learn how to transfer styles from ten iconic movies using AI and see yourself as your favorite actor/actress or in your favorite scene!

10 Iconic Movies to Generate Yourself In

In this article, we still discuss:

  1. How to use your personal AI model
  2. How do film stills/styles work in generative AI?
  3. Ten awesome film prompts to try!

How do you add yourself to a film?

Well, to start, you should move to Hollywood…just kidding! The age of AI is here…and your movie stardom. In Realm, seeing yourself in an image is as easy as typing “me” in your prompt. “Me” activates your personal AI model, which learns from your uploaded selfies and pictures (read more about how your personal AI model works in here).

That’s neat! So, how exactly does style transfer work in generative AI?

Great question!

Style transfer in generative AI art involves the transformation of an input image into a new image with the style of another image. By matching image information across its entire data set, like a specific feature or style, it's able to identify a "look" and make sure it's replicated in your output.

Luckily, you don’t have to do deal with any ofthat technical background stuff in Realm—it’s as easy as just writing a prompt that looks like this: “me in a film still of Grease.”

Alright, let’s give it a shot.

Here are 10 movie suggestions (with iconic, super recognizable styles!) to help you get started and appeal to your inner movie buff or actor/actress:

  1. The Twilight series (you can say either “me in a film still of Twilight” OR get even more specific and name a particular film from the series!)
  2. The Harry Potter series
  3. The Hunger Games series
  4. Grease
  5. Fight Club
  6. Pride and Prejudice
  7. Dirty Dancing
  8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  9. The Breakfast Club
  10. Titanic

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