June 26, 2023

10 Unique AI-Generated Selfie Ideas You Can Try on Realm

Explore 10 different ideas to help you get started with AI selfies and art!

10 Unique AI-Generated Selfie Ideas You Can Try on Realm

An AI-generated selfie is a selfie that is modified by AI or created entirely with the help of an AI image generator. Realm can generate new selfies and can also modify selfies according to text prompts. The kind of creativity it accommodates allows you to turn your selfie into anything from an anime still to a scene from a movie.

In this post, you will discover 10 ideas that you can try with Realm. But before getting into specific ideas, you must understand how you can train your own AI.

Before You Start: Train Your AI.

By simply uploading your images into the "My AI" tab on the Realm app, you will train your AI to recreate your image whenever you write "me" in your prompts. The more images you upload into the "My AI" tab, the better your AI will get at recreating you according to your prompts. Taking pictures from different angles can also help inform the AI.

Alternatively, you can simply upload your selfie as a regular image in the Realm app and use text prompts to make changes to it. For that type of AI-powered selfie upgrade, you will not need the word "me" in your prompt. 

But if you want Realm to generate a selfie from text prompts only, then you need to train your own AI with your own images. With that out of the way, let's get into specific selfie ideas you can try on Realm.

Turn Yourself Into A Superhero

Superheros are among the highest-held ideals of our childhoods. So, it is no surprise that when you can turn yourself into anything with the help of AI, you might want to choose a superhero. Take a selfie that shows a good portion of your upper body. 

Then type a text prompt along the lines of "Selfie of me as a superhero." Let the Realm work its magic and change you into superhero clothes. It might even give you flattering muscle mass!

Give Yourself Angel Wings And A Halo

Nightclubs and bars have used angel wings on their walls as enticing selfie spots. Fortunately, you don't need to wait in line to stand in front of a wall with a wing installation. Simply upload a selfie and type "a photo of me with angel wings and a halo." The more space around your shoulders in the selfie, the better the selfie will look.

Become An Animated Pixar Character

Wouldn't you want to see how you would look if you were a Pixar character? The style transformation capabilities of Realm AI make this possible. If you train your AI (upload enough selfies to the My AI tab), you can recreate yourself as a Pixar character! For a text-only prompt, you can enter "Me In A Film Still Of Ratatouille." You can change the name of the specific movie. An alternative way to go about this is to upload a selfie and type, "A Photo Of Me In A Pixar Movie."

Place Yourself In The International Space Station

One of the most interesting ways to upgrade your selfie with the help of AI is with surrounding-specific prompts. You can take a selfie from a high angle and enter a prompt along the lines of "A selfie of me as an astronaut, in a space suit, in space." The output will surprise you and will definitely be worth a share.

Become The King Of The Jungle 

Aside from swapping the space in which you take a selfie, you can add people to it. Try awakening your inner Tarzan by pairing your upload with a prompt along the lines of "a photo of me posing with half a dozen wild animals in a group selfie." You can get specific about the animals you want to be posing with.

Turn Your Selfie Into A Painting

If you take a selfie that feels like a work of art, you can go ahead and turn it into an actual work of art! Prompts like "A photo of me painted by Leonardo DaVinci" can help you get a version of the image as an old master's painting. You can try this with different artists and time periods.

Visit The Future

Who wouldn't want to visit the future? A very cool prompt to try in real is "Me in a futuristic Mars colony." You can enter specific planets and even a specific year in the future. For example, one of your prompts for a futuristic output could be as follows: A selfie of me on a galactic spaceship in the year 2055."

Go Into a Fictional Realm

Going into futuristic scenarios isn't the only "travel" option you have with your AI selfie. You can completely change where you are and how you look. So, if you like the world of Harry Potter, you can literally prompt Realm to recreate you in a Harry Potter film still. "A selfie of me at Hogwarts from the Harry Potter movies" is a cool prompt to try.

Become A Rockstar

Living room singers and those who daydream about stardom do not need to look any further. Prompt Realm AI to transform your selfie into a stage selfie with hundreds of fans. "Selfie of me on stage with a crowd cheering" and "Me as a rockstar on stage" are two prompts that can fetch you a glimpse of your rockstar version.

Survive The Apocalypse

While you can see yourself in the future and in fictional worlds, you can also combine both aspects for a head-turning selfie. If and when the apocalypse arrives, you might not have time to snap a selfie. But thanks to AI, you can place yourself in a fictional apocalypse. Try prompts like "A selfie of me being chased by zombies" and "A photo of me surviving the apocalypse."

Final Thoughts

Now that you have 10 ideas alongside broad prompts to turn those ideas into visual images, you can try them out on Realm. Soon, you'll find yourself experimenting and coming up with your own prompts. The creative community on the app is full of ideas and brimming with positive energy. So download Realm from the App Store and generate AI selfies for the world to see.