June 1, 2023

The 18 Best Free AI Avatar Apps

Whether you're looking for an AI avatar for your social media profile picture or an AI-generated selfie, this guide will help you discover the 18 best free AI avatar apps out there. Free AI avatar apps include Realm AI for social media and exploring possibilities, Lensa for artistic output, and Faceplay for humor. You can also try AI art generators like NightCafe, Uni Dream, and Starry AI to create AI avatars. Keep reading to find the best option for you!

The 18 Best Free AI Avatar Apps

In this article, you will learn more about the best AI avatar apps you can use for free, including:

  1. Realm AI
  2. Lensa / Prisma Lensa
  3. FacePlay
  4. GoArt
  5. Dyvo
  6. Synesthesia
  7. Wonder AI
  8. Fotor (AI Art Generator Product)
  9. Starryai
  10. Dream by Wombo
  11. Uni Dream
  12. Faceplay
  13. AI Picasso
  14. Crayon
  15. NightCafe
  16. PortraitAi
  17. Stable Diffusion

Realm AI

If you have used any social media app before, you will find using Realm AI quite easy. Unlike run-of-the-mill generative AI apps, Realm AI is not complicated. It is a social platform with a creative community. Realm AI allows you to not only train your own AI model, but access 30+ of the best text-to-image generation models out there, with news ones being added all the time. Realm AI also offers prompt support features, like prompt search, direct image remix, prompt suggestions, and so much more.

Realm AI's daily AI-generated avatar feature surprises you with fresh looks that you can post on Realm's own social platform and on your other favorite social media channels.

Realm AI is preferred by those who want to turn their creative ideas into visual posts, avatars, and artistic images. You can take a selfie and turn it into a social media avatar with the help of AI. Alternatively, you can upload one from your camera roll or create one from scratch (with word prompts).

The remix features, prompt suggestions, and the ability to train your own AI in the app might turn you into a proficient AI-generated content creator, even if you start out casually.


Lensa or Prisma Lensa is an AI portrait reimagining app that is often used to create avatar stills for social media. The images generated by Lensa are no less than profile picture material. The best thing about Lensa is that you can turn your most casual selfies into great-looking works of art.

If you've seen your friends post their AI avatars, the app they're most likely using is Lensa. This can be a bit of a drawback if you want your avatar to stand out. Your avatar can feel similar in art style to others created by Lensa. That's true for most AI apps, though. Lensa's popularity makes its AI avatars feel familiar because of the overexposure on social media.


FacePlay lets you turn your selfies into avatar stills. You can pick different art styles and get relatively consistent images of yourself. Your avatar could smile or give a thumbs up if you take pictures of yourself doing those things and generate them as AI art in the same style.

The diversity of art is interesting, and being able to make your avatar do everything you can do is an exciting feature. But the workflow for generating your avatar in different poses can be exhausting. Still, it is less effort than what goes into a typical social media post.


GoArt can create artistic-looking AI avatar stills for your profile pictures and social media posts. The editing app is free to use but is extremely limited. To get rid of ads and unlock styles, you have to make in-app purchases. One of the strong points of GoArt is that it gives you a sliding scale to take your selfies from completely original to wholly edited. So you can decide how much your Avatar looks like the real-world version of yourself.


Dyvo has a bifurcated AI photo-editing service. You can use it to create studio-quality product photos from standard smartphone captures. You can also use the app to create AI avatars. The fact that this app specializes in AI Avatars instead of general AI art makes it worth checking out. It costs under $3 to get an avatar set, and unlocking additional sets requires additional payment.


Synesthesia Studio's powerful AI Avatar service helps you generate video presentations using digital doubles of actors or yourself. Unlike Avatar stills that most AI Art generators create, this one creates digital duplicates for people by studying their video footage. 

The studio has signed contracts with models who have given ut the rights to use and resell their likenesses for business content only.

Because the avatars that read your script on screen are digital duplicates or real people and look just like them, what you can make them say is monitored. That could be seen as a drawback but is simply a safeguard. The real drawback is that you have to pick from a finite number of potential avatars.

The only option other than the models contracted by Synesthisia Studio is yourself. You can request an avatar from Synesthesia. The studio will train its AI on your videos to give you a digital duplicate of yourself that looks presentable and is ready to deliver dialogue whenever you want to create or upload a video.

Wonder AI

Wonder AI is a classic AI text-to-art generator that can be used to create avatar stills. It is available on Google Play Store and the App Store and is one of the most popular apps used for social media content. Its art style might be similar to that of your friends' AI Selfies, though. Still, you can use your creativity to come up with unique text prompts.


Fotor is a photo editing app that is now AI-enabled. Its generative AI features allow avatar creation in various styles. The art style of AI images created by Fotor is slightly different from those of most AI art generators. So, even if you've been using other apps to make AI avatars, you might want to give Fotor a try as well.


StarryAI was one of the pioneers in the AI art movement, and it retains a very distinct style that most generative AI platforms cannot mimic. Avatars created on the Starry platform look dreamy and fantastical. But there's a bit of a learning curve as its prompt-to-image results get better with detailed prompts.

Dream by Wombo

Dream by Wombo creates AI artwork from your prompts. As long as your portrait request is detailed enough to capture your spirit or personality, you can use the generated artwork as your Avatar. Dream's results look like a cross between a video game graphic and a digital painting. This style isn't for everyone, so try the app to see if you like it.

Uni Dream

Uni Dream is a great AI avatar creator for those who want to view themselves in different art styles. It has an easy-to-navigate text+art style input structure, which makes it fairly accessible to beginners. Whether you want an anime avatar of yourself or a pop art portrait, Uni Dream can do the job.


Faceplay is an AI-powered face-swapping with avatar generating capabilities. While its primary function is to superimpose its users' faces onto scenarios like wedding videos, it can be used to create AI stills for social media profile pictures and banners. The app's strongest point is the fun you can have with the video face swaps.

AI Picasso

AIdea Lab's AI Picasso lives up to its ambitious name with three powerful AIGC possibilities. In the text-to-art functionality, whatever you type turns into a visual image thanks to Picasso's well-trained generative AI model. The second aspect of AI Picasso levels up your drawing with AI.

You can make something as simple as a stick figure and have it turned into professional-looking digital artwork with the power of AI. Finally, you can take a photo and select an area for the AI to modify. From overlaying monsters onto cityscapes to inserting rainbows in colorful interior shots, the possibilities are endless.


Crayon used to be called DALL-E Mini, which is pretty apt since the app is a beginner-friendly version of DALL-E, a more advanced AI art generator. Still, it has enough generative potential to be used for AI Avatars. The best thing about Crain is that you don't even need an account for text-to-art creation! But if you want to level up your selfies with AI, you must create an account.


PortraitAI is an app that specializes in artistic AI avatars. It helps you recreate yourself as an old master's portrait. Seeing how you would look in an artistic portrait can be quite flattering and is definitely worth a try for the curious mind.

However, PortraitAI's simplicity and specialization is also its greatest limitation. You cannot use this AI app to create an anime-style or a game-art-style avatar because it is meant to reinterpret uploads as photorealistic portraits.


Named after Vincent Van Gogh's 1888 painting, NightCafe is one of the pioneers in the AI Art movement. This AI engine was initially introduced as a platform to generate quirky art that mimicked different art movements. Currently, it is capable of doing more than creating art in the styles of distinct master artists. It can produce fantastical worlds, anime-style avatars, and CGI-movie-style art.

Stable Diffusion AI

While apps named after Van Gogh's work (Starry AI, NightCafe) are among the pioneers in the generative AI space, Stable Diffusion is what makes it all possible. It is a text-to-image model that many AI avatar apps use.

If you use its native front-end app, "Stable Diffusion AI," you can access some of its most powerful features, including HD avatars and selfie upgrades.

However, you need to understand graphics technology specs before you can run it properly. As good as stable diffusion is, you're better off using user-friendly AI apps until you get the hang of generating avatars and images with artificial intelligence.

Realm AI: A beginner-friendly start to your AI journey

Whether you know how to run Stable Diffiusion without a high-powered GPU or don't even know what AI stands for, Realm AI has space for you. The creative platform welcomes AI enthusiasts and curious minds to generate, remix, and share. It is a creative social platform, and a word-to-visual AI app rolled into one. Download the app today to unlock your creativity!

Final Thoughts

As generative AI becomes more popular, more people want to play with AI avatar apps. However, most apps are too expensive for those who don't even know if they'll like the final product. Fortunately, there are enough free AI apps that you can use to create avatars, enhance your selfies, and turn your ideas into words. Feel free to try out the ones covered in this post!