March 28, 2023

5 AI Art Prompts to Try Right Now!

Five fun and customizable prompt ideas to help you get started in the Realm app!

5 AI Art Prompts to Try Right Now!

Are you excited to try out AI art, but not sure where to start? No worries, we’re here to help you unlock your inner Realm with 5 fun and easy prompts. You can type each prompt out directly in the Realm app or add your own spin to it—just change the phrasing as needed!

Prompting 101

Before we begin, here are some reminders on what good prompt writing is!

What is a prompt?

Prompts are textual input—it’s what you write to generate an image! Prompts include keywords that the AI recognizes and references to generate a unique image. Prompts can vary in length: a single word, list of words, or even sentences and paragraphs depending on how specific you want the final image to be and how well-trained your model is!

How do I write a prompt?

You should use clear, concise, and specific language. Typically, we recommend using multiple adjectives and focusing on concrete subjects and style keywords instead of connecting ideas—the purpose of the prompt is to give the AI as much information as possible, so don’t worry too much about proper grammar or linking everything.

How long should a prompt be?

Aim for 3-9 words; this range should encourage you to get as specific as possible, use multiple adjectives, and get creative!

Is it possible for a prompt to be too long?

It’s complicated—while a longer prompt means more details, it also means more information, which can lead to confusing or less than ideal results. Experiment with prompt lengths and see what works best for you!

5 prompt ideas to help you get started

"Superman standing in desert, cinematic lighting, high resolution 3D render"

Incorporate your favorite pop culture icon into your AI art! From Superman and Minions to Barbie and Hermione Granger, bring fictional characters to life in your own original images.

“City street at night, neon lights, cyberpunk”

Riff off of your favorite landscape and experiment with styles like cyberpunk, Murakami, pixel art, and so much more. Mention specific details you want, like neon lights or a cat roaming the street!

“Portrait of a lion wearing a crown, Renaissance style”

AI art is made for the fantastical and strange…design your own character and story with an epic, personified animal! Be sure to incorporate different portrait styles—think Renaissance, Picasso, etc.

“Me in a film still of Harry Potter”

Realm makes it easy to see yourself in AI—your personal model is trained to naturally incorporate you into any of your ideas. Just say “me!” You can also replace Harry Potter with any other film out there…films with distinct and well-known aesthetics, like The Breakfast Club, Fight Club, and The Matrix are great options! P.S. make sure you’re using your personal model for prompts with “me” in it!

“Oil painting of San Francisco in the springtime”

Celebrate your favorite places in AI! Try different seasons, specific areas, and image styles ✨


If you like these prompts, be sure to follow along on social media for more inspiration from the Realm team and our awesome community of creatives. Give these a try in the app today!