February 13, 2024

How to Create Amazing Yearbook Photo for FREE with One Click

Ditch those awkward yearbook poses! Transform your selfie into a polished, professional yearbook photo with the power of AI and the Realm Chrome Extension.

How to Create Amazing Yearbook Photo for FREE with One Click

Remember those yearbook photos that make you cringe a little when you flip back through the pages?  Gone are the days of stiff poses and questionable lighting. With the Realm Chrome Extension, you can instantly upgrade your yearbook portrait with the magic of AI.

Effortless Yearbook Photo Upgrade

Using Realm is incredibly simple:

  1. Install: Add the Realm Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store
  2. Find a selfie: Choose a selfie you like.
  3. Right-click: Right-click on the image in Chrome Browser and select "Realm."
  4. Yearbook magic: Choose the "Yearbook" filter and voila! Your yearbook photo is instantly transformed.

Customize with a Prompt

Want even more control? Use a text prompt to generate your ideal yearbook photo.  Inside the Realm Extension or with the direct prompt, try:

"@character model student high quality hd, a single yearbook photograph, dark-blue cloudy backdrop, full portrait style"

The Power of AI at Your Fingertips

The Realm Chrome extension harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to give your photos a polished, professional feel. Say goodbye to bad hair days and awkward backgrounds. This year, your yearbook photo will be one to remember, all thanks to a little AI magic!