June 30, 2024

How to Create Viral Memes on Reddit Using Realm AI

If you want to make a meme that grabs your subreddit's attention, you'll need to understand this culture. Moreover, your meme will need to be creative and relatable.

How to Create Viral Memes on Reddit Using Realm AI

Meme culture can be a fun way to interact with friends, especially on social media platforms such as Reddit. Yet, making a viral meme isn't simple, as some formats are outdated, or jokes simply don't get any upvotes.

If you want to make a meme that grabs your subreddit's attention, you'll need to understand this culture. Moreover, your meme will need to be creative and relatable.

This blog will reveal how to create a viral meme. Before moving straight into it, let's first explore what a meme is.

What Is a Meme?

A meme is about sharing ideas, a joke, or simply revealing something interesting by internet users.

Memes can be neutral, positive, negative, amusing, interesting, or any emotion you want to convey. You can also create a meme that's witty or relies on deep knowledge of a subtopic.

Besides, you can share them in multiple formats such as pictures, text, video, or even through behavior in real life.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Viral Memes with Realm AI

Creating a meme is easy with Realm AI. This website and application allows you to quickly generate a meme that translates your prompt into an image. Plus, this tool allows you to choose the format you prefer.

Let's dive deeper into how to create memes with Realm AI.

1. Create a Free Account

To begin creating a meme that will go viral, you'll first need to go to the Realm AI website or application. There, you'll sign up for a free account.

2. Write Your Prompt

Once you've created your account, you should write your prompt in the text box. You should write in detail what kind of meme you wish to create.

3. Generate a Meme

Now that you've crafted a prompt click 'Generate.' Within 15 seconds, the website or application will create a customizable meme template.

4. Fine-Tune Your Meme

Finally, you should refine your meme to make it uniquely yours. With Realm AI, you can even select filters such as 'Wojak' to create a specific meme format. If you don’t get the desired image on your first try, select different filters to try new possibilities, and you’ll surely get something that catches your attention.

How to Create a Meme on Facebook Using Realm AI

On Facebook, you can only upload a meme ― not create it. If you want to use memes on Facebook, you first need to create one through the following process:

  • Generate Your Meme: To begin creating a Facebook meme, sign up/log into Realm AI so you can generate a meme by writing a prompt of your meme idea and clicking 'generate'.
  • Export Your Meme: Now that you've created a meme, you should export it in a format compatible with Facebook, such as GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, or TIFF.
  • Upload Your Meme on Facebook: After you've exported your meme, you should sign up/log in to Facebook, click on the camera icon, and post your meme. You can do so as a post on your profile, a group post, a message, or a story.
  • Adjust Your Meme Ratio: Once you've uploaded your meme, you should adjust your ratio size with the Meta Ads Manager cropping tool. For photo posts, you should use a ratio of 1.91:1 with a minimum size of 600 x 315 pixels. However, a story should have a ratio of 9:16 and a size of 1080 x 1920 pixels. Other acceptable ratios are 4:5 and 1:1.
  • Caption and Share Your Meme: Finally, you can add a caption and click post/send to share your meme.

All in all, Realm Ai has endless possibilities, and you can make a meme on any topic, making it one of the finest tools on the internet to express yourself.

What Are the Popular Meme Formats Used to Create A Meme?

The most popular memes can go out of style quickly. However, there are some formats that subcultures have used since their creation, such as the 'doge'. Other meme formats are making a comeback or are only popular in certain subcultures. In any case, you can use these formats and tailor them to your particular message.

Here are meme formats with sustained popularity that you can use:

Multi-Panel Memes

The multi-panel meme has a series of pictures that may have text. It shows a progression between the panels. For example, there's the 'clown applying makeup' meme. This meme usually lists actions that build up to a situation that's unreasonable or otherwise makes the subject of the meme a clown.

At times, this meme can have no clear progression, such as the 'confused math woman' (Renata Sorrah). These memes are more of a collage that reinforces the message. For the 'confused math woman' panel, the multiple pictures of her baffled face build on the message, indicating that she's extremely bewildered.

Top and Bottom Text Memes

An older yet still popular meme format is the top-and-bottom text. It consists of a picture with a line of text on top and another at the bottom. The text is usually short and in bold, white font. In addition, the separation of the two text lines creates a setup and punchline. Together, the lines and pictures create the message you're trying to convey.

In some modern iterations, there's only the bottom text, and it reads “Bottom Text”.

Meme Man

Generally, you'll use this meme format to mock something, such as your caption or the post you're commenting on. Furthermore, the meme man format has a poorly made CGI man wearing clothes related to the joke. In the background, there's a picture showing a graphic related to the subject. On top of this picture, a poorly spelled word relates to your message.

For example, if you're commenting on someone saying that the economy is doing better, you could use this meme format in its most traditional iteration. The CGI man would wear a suit, and in the background, there would be a graphic with numbers, a line that goes up, and the word 'Stonks' (instead of 'stocks').

Wojak Memes

Originally, this meme format depicted a wistful or sad man, also known as the 'Feels Guy' in a simple black and white drawing. Now, the 'wojak' memes have different characters representing different races, genders, or even archetypes such as a soldier.

With this meme format, you can add text that tells a joke or a story. A popular way of using this meme format is to pose characters facing each other to show a contrast between their behavior or beliefs.

Deep-Fried Memes

Lastly, there's the deep-fried meme format. These bizarre memes are popular with younger generations. This format consists of an edited picture, which may have text. What sets it apart from other formats is its appearance. Usually, it has oversaturated colors and warping, and it may appear pixelated.

A classic example is the 'me and the boys at 2 AM looking for beans' meme. It depicts strange creatures in an eerie setting. In addition, the image is blurry and the colors are oversaturated.

Tips on How to Create A Viral Meme

If you aim to create a good meme that resonates widely within your subculture or even beyond on Reddit, consider these essential tips:

  • Study Your Audience: You should go through the memes your subreddit or subculture likes the most. Then, you'll know what your audience finds the most entertaining.
  • Create Relatable Memes: Your memes should be relatable to your target audience. Therefore, you should use specific jargon and preferred formats and create a message they agree with.
  • Make a Joke: You should create a meme that makes a joke your subreddit or target audience will appreciate. In particular, you can use sarcasm, parody, or irony. Alternatively, you can use dark, deadpan, or self-deprecating humor.
  • Create Original Memes: Though you can use popular formats, you should ensure you give them a new twist. Or, you can mix the formats. So, brainstorm ideas with friends in your subreddit to come up with the most entertaining meme idea.

Wrapping Up

Creating viral memes on Reddit is about knowing your audience and being relatable. With Realm AI, you have a powerful tool to craft memes that speak directly to your subreddit's interests and humor. So, follow our guide on how to create a viral meme, use popular formats wisely, and always aim to add a personal touch. All you need to do is dive in, experiment with Realm AI, and see your creations spread across Reddit.