May 25, 2023

Introducing the MyAI Tab!

Our most comprehensive and exciting update to date, including the introduction of the all-new MyAI tab! Experience Photo Booth, magic keywords, 30+ new models, and so much more in the Realm app.

Introducing the MyAI Tab!

Embark on an epic AI journey with Realm 1.4.0: Introducing the MyAI Tab!

We are thrilled to present our latest update, designed to take you on an unforgettable adventure through the AI universe! Get ready to explore new horizons and unleash your creativity like never before with the introduction of the MyAI Tab, your command center for all things image generation. Let's dive into the exciting features that await you in this update, which is available now in the App Store!

Introducing the MyAI Tab: Your Gateway to AI

The MyAI Tab is your go-to destination for all your AI needs. It empowers you to browse, select, and collect your favorite AI generative models, magic keywords, unique characters, and artistic styles. This revolutionary addition allows you to create and curate your own AI experience, tailored to your imagination—and personally trained AI model!

Your Tools for AI

We're excited to bring some key concepts to Realm to streamline and strengthen your text-to-image experience. Here's a breakdown of what we are tapping into:

  • Model: A separate model that can be used to generalize a specific type of content
  • Modifier: Words that have special power for prompt (ex. adjusting lighting, using a specific art/photo style, spawning a specific character, etc.)
  • Shared tokens: General modifiers that can be used with any model
  • Model-specific tokens: modifiers have special power only when used with a specific model
  • Application: a specific utility that can be achieved for user that uses a curated approach by combining pre-tuned prompts with special models, tokens or workflow

What's New: Expanding the AI Universe

  1. 30+ New Models and Expanding: Browse MyAI gallery and collect your favorite models from our expansive universe of AI options, all designed to enrich your creative journey!
  2. Magic Modifiers: Unleash the Power of Keywords: Discover the enchanting power of keywords with our new Magic Modifiers. They instantly help you bring unique characters, captivating background settings, dynamic lighting effects, and distinct artistic styles into your creations, so you can bring your vision to life. Explore Modifiers in the MyAI gallery detail and add these magical tools to your collection!
  3. Model Tag and Selfie Tag: Unveil the Secrets: Ever wondered which AI model your favorite artist used? Wonder no more! With the Model Tag feature, simply tap on the AI model tag on a post to discover its details and make it your own. But that's not all. If a Digital Self Image is embedded, you'll receive a special Selfie tag, allowing you to shine in your own Matrix-style moment. Unleash your inner star and make every creation uniquely yours.
  4. Photo Booth (beta): Discover Your Multiversal Self: Brace yourself for an extraordinary Photo Booth experience that will leave you awestruck. Step into a multiverse of possibilities and try on a diverse range of outfits, looks, and moods—all right inthe MyAI tab.
  5. Promotion and Rewards: Let Creativity Be Rewarded: We believe in celebrating your creative spirit. That's why we've introduced a series of promotions and rewards to keep the inspiration flowing. Complete mysterious tasks as you continue to create, post, remix, and play, and watch as bonus credits land in your account. Prepare for delightful surprises along the way!

Fixed and Improved: A Smoother Journey

We've been hard at work behind the scenes to make your experience even better. In this update, we've addressed a few issues and implemented some improvements to ensure your journey is as smooth as possible:

  1. Animations: Bid farewell to autoplay issues with posts featuring animations on the home feed. Enjoy seamless playback and let your imagination soar.
  2. User Onboarding: We've resolved an issue that caused crashes for new users during the onboarding process. Now, you can dive straight into the AI universe without any interruptions.
  3. Activities and Notification: Stay organized and informed with the ability to filter Activities tab items by types. Plus, with the new Mark-All-Read feature, you'll never miss a thing!

Welcome to Realm 1.4.0—step into your AI universe today. Download the Realm app from the App Store and start creating  💪