June 30, 2024

Meme Fonts: Which Ones to Use and How to Use Them

When adding text to a meme, you need to select the right font. The one you select will affect the message of your meme. Furthermore, the shape, size, and spacing of letters convey tone and emotion.

Meme Fonts: Which Ones to Use and How to Use Them

Meme culture has taken the internet by storm, with its blend of humor, satire, and social commentary resonating with audiences worldwide. One key element that often goes unnoticed but plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of a meme is the font used.

When adding text to a meme, you need to select the right font. The one you select will affect the message of your meme. Furthermore, the shape, size, and spacing of letters convey tone and emotion.

So, if you want to transmit a clear message – or get laughs – you'll need to use the right font for memes, yet there are over 200,000 fonts. Moreover, each font has the best use for the kind of meme you're trying to create and the message you're trying to tell.

In this blog, we'll reveal the most popular meme fonts and explain how to use them more effectively.

What Font Do I Use for Memes?

Even though there are a large number of fonts, many are licensed, similar to each other, or simply too difficult to read to be effective. Therefore, you need to select a font that is readily available and easy to read. In particular, the variety of 'weight' or thickness, letter spacing, and curve of the letters will all affect how easy they are to read.

Now, let's explore various fonts you should use in your memes.

1. Impact Font

The Impact font is arguably the best meme font. Though Geoffrey Lee created it in 1965, it's still a popular font. In particular, the Top and Bottom Text meme format often uses this sans serif font.

Furthermore, it's popular because it has simple, thick lines and sharp edges that make it stand out from the background picture. Therefore, it's easier to read even if the background has multiple colors. Plus, it's still readable from a distance or in a small size.

2. Comic Sans MS Font

Another classic meme font is Comic Sans MS by Vincent Connare. You may deeply dislike this font due to its informal, childlike, rounded, and simplified appearance. However, the feature of this font can help you reinforce your message. So, you can use it in playful, joyful, or humorous memes such as the Doge memes.

Moreover, this font is very easy to read, which is why you will often see it in memes with multiple lines of text. It retains its readability better than other fonts when you reduce its size. This is why it has been a popular font even 30 years after its introduction.

3. Arial Font

You should use the Arial font for any memes. The font may appear serious with its simple, sleek lines. However, Monotype Typography created this font with a variety of weights to ensure it would be versatile. In fact, this 1982 font is common even now. You may notice it on multiple types of displays, from promotional art to official documents.

So, you should consider using it for both serious and humorous memes. You simply need to adjust its weight to ensure the font matches the tone of your meme.

4. Myriad Pro Font

One of the fonts perfect for memes is Myriad Pro. It's a classic font created by Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly. The font has a streamlined shape that makes it easy to read. In addition, it has a neutral appearance that's perfect for deadpan jokes. However, you can use different weights to match the tone of your meme.

5. Helvetica Font

You can use the Helvetica font to create entertaining memes. Max Mieding created this readable and versatile font in 1957. With a wide range of weights, you can customize your text to create an interesting and fresh meme that's easy to understand.

6. Montserrat Font

Lastly, you should consider using the Montserrat and its wide weight. When Julieta Ulanovsky designed this font, she gave these letters a thin and square shape that's easy to read. Together, these features make this font suitable for any tone and message, including the humorous “Y U No…” memes.

How to Create a Meme with the Perfect Font with Realm AI

Now that you know the most popular fonts used in memes, let's explore the process of using them effectively.

1. Create a Free Account

To start using the right fonts in your meme, you should create a free account on the Realm AI website or application. It allows you to create memes using AI by writing a prompt detailing your idea.

2. Describe Your Font

Now that you've created your account, you should type your meme idea and the font you wish to use in the prompt text. In particular, you should include the following features of your font:

  • Font Weight: You should opt for a letter thickness that's easy to read yet conveys your message clearly.
  • Font Color: You should select a color that's different from the background. So it will be easier to read. Alternatively, you may select either black or white.
  • Letter Shadow/Outline: If your background has many colors and the text is hard to read, you can improve its legibility by adding a shadow or an outline.

3. Generate Your Meme

After you've described your font, you should click 'Generate'. Then, Realm AI will create your meme with the font you desire.

4. Refine Your Meme

Finally, you should alter your meme to create the perfect image. If you're not sure what font is used for memes, you can use a specific meme format. This will assign your meme the font that traditionally goes with your type of meme. Next, you'll export your meme.


The font of a text influences its message – even in memes. There's a wide variety of fonts, yet only a few commonly feature in memes. The most popular fonts have one thing in common: they're easy to read. In addition, they usually have a variety of weights, which gives them a different appearance and tone.

In particular, Impact is the most popular font for memes. To use it, type this font's name in your Realm AI prompt. As you describe its features, add details such as weight, color, and whether you want your text to have an outline. Then, the software will generate a meme with the perfect font.

All in all, by selecting the right font and using it effectively, you can create memes that are not only visually appealing but also convey your message clearly.