March 13, 2023

MetaReal is now Realm!

Announcing our rebrand!

MetaReal is now Realm!


Over the last year, our team has launched a variety of app experiments, including Huddle and Vibey. A few months ago, we began building MetaReal, an app where users can easily train personal AI models and share their text-to-image generations with the world.

Today, that app is home to a community of over a thousand passionate AI creatives. Our mission has always been to help creative people find each other and push the limits of technology together—and through MetaReal, we saw the future of storytelling and community. After launching our app to the public in early February, we began ideating on a brand that represented our vision: your key to unlocking brilliant, new creative worlds.

Our team is beyond excited to officially introduce the world to Realm, the social platform where your words come to life. Our mobile app is your portal to meeting fellow creatives, learning generative AI, and sharing beautiful visual stories.

What's new?

Just because it's a rebrand doesn't mean we've lost *all* of our roots 😉
  • Our new name: Realm!
  • New brand concept: peer into Realm’s keyhole and see yourself as anyone, in any world.
  • New logo and app icon
  • New app UI
  • New website (yup, the one you’re reading this on!)
  • Updated social media channel handles…with plenty of fun content in the works 👀 Follow us @joinrealmai on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram!

What stays the same?

Our core features

...although some exciting new ones are coming your way soon, too 👀

Our values!

Community: cultivating meaningful connections through storytelling

Education: informing and equipping all people with the latest knowledge and high-quality tools that pushes the limits of today’s technology and ideas

Accessibility: creating thoughtful and inclusive digital spaces driven by its users

Creativity: let your imagination roam wild and see where it takes you!

Experimentation: we’re a company built on trying as many experiments as fast as possible. Magic isn’t an object - it’s exploration!

Our community

A big shoutout to our first one thousand users…it's an honor to be part of your Realms. This app and its greatest experiences have been pioneered by our incredible, close Discord community.

We are continuously committed to providing a high-quality AI experience through an intuitive, well-equipped, and easy-to-use user interface! We truly believe that AI is for everyone and are excited to be the place for people to share the visual stories they find meaningful, exciting, and interesting.

With Realm, anyone and everyone is a creative. Step into the app today and see what you can unlock through language, supercharged with AI.


Overall, the major changes are visual—a cleaner and clearer brand experience. Our hope is that this rebrand will enrich our current users’ experience with the platform and invite new ones in, so that together, we can unlock new worlds in AI. With that in mind, we heavily encourage our users to share feedback and reach out to our team with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to Realm—onwards!